Vesper Earn allows users to deposit LINK and earn yield in DAI (and vice-versa). Plus, a new LINK Aggressive Grow pool.

LINK, Meet Vesper Earn

Vesper Earn enables users to deposit one type of digital asset and earn yield in another. Starting today, users can deposit LINK and earn yield in DAI (and vice versa).

This opens up a number of possibilities including:

Also: Community voting open for VSP emissions proposal (VIP-17)

ATTN Marines! LINK is Coming to Vesper Earn

With new LINK pairs in beta, LINK HODL’ers can use Vesper Earn to deposit LINK and earn yield in DAI (and vice-versa).

This opens up a number of new possibilities, including:

  • HODL’ing Better: Earn DAI for everyday spending, all while holding onto your LINK.
  • Transforming Stablecoin Yield: Deposit DAI to…

Also: Index Coop AMA Replay Available

Vesper Earn Launches on Polygon

DeFi participants can now take advantage of the lower fees on the Polygon Network while using Vesper Earn on the Vesper app. With Vesper Earn, users deposit one crypto asset and earn yield in another, opening up a plethora of new opportunities for DeFi participants.

Current Earn pairs available on…

Also: Vesper featured by CoinMetro, DeFi Pulse, and the IndexCoop’s AMA series

[Ed. note: This will be the last edition of this weekly update for 2021. Crypto never sleeps but, alas, the contributors to this newsletter must. Looking forward to continuing to deliver the latest in Vesper news after the start of the year.]

Now In Beta: Vesper Earn on Polygon

Vesper Earn is expanding onto the Polygon network…

The inaugural Vesper Earn pools are now live! How does this new DeFi primitive work today, and what possibilities could it open up for the future?

Understanding Vesper Earn

In a traditional yield aggregator (like Vesper Grow) or yield automator (like Harvest Finance) users deposit assets to smart contracts that earn yield and realize that yield in order to compound it for depositors.

In contrast, Vesper Earn codes a different set of rules into the smart contracts that dictates…

Dec. 17 marked a major step forward in Vesper’s journey with the launch of Vesper Earn, a redesigned app experience, availability on Polygon, and more

Get a full download on Vesper Season Two in this special edition of This Week in Vesper.

The Season Preview

The week kicked off with a Season Two Twitter Spaces featuring Jordan Kruger, Jeff Garzik, and Matthew Roszak, as well as special guests Crews from Index Coop, Eric Ervin from Blockforce Capital and…

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